Hello friends,this is a good news for window users because No license needed, Now free Microsoft Windows 8.1 with bing ,now Microsoft is going on experimenting with free version of Windows 8.1.Yes this is true the,While previous versions of the Windows have leaked online, we understand that Windows 8.1 with fucking Bing is an experimental project that aims to bring a low-cost version of Windows to users.
Any upgrade offers will be focused on boosting the number of people using Windows 8.1. This Bing-powered version of Windows 8. It’s not clear how committed Microsoft is to these plans, but the experiment is part of a number of initiatives designed to push and monetize Microsoft’s cloud services and apps.

Bing-powered apps are currently bundled into Windows 8.1, and a leaked version of “Windows 8.1 with Bing” does not appear to reveal any significant changes yet. Microsoft recently unveiled its Windows 8.1 spring update, and the company is expected to further detail the update at its Build developer conference in April

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