After the successful launch of Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, Google is ready to launch his next level Nexus smartphone  “Google Nexus 6”. This time Google is going to partner LG to make it. According to our trust source we came to know that “Google Nexus 6 may be made by LG”.
Google nexus 6 may be made by LG

Rumour: Google nexus 6 may be made by LG

From an interview carried out by Gizmodo Germany it appears that Google Nexus 6will be based on LG G2 but it may be a lightweight version of LG’s Flagship smartphone. Rumours have pointed that it may come with a quad HD display and a 64 bit processor and a 16 mega pixel camera.
The only problem is the 64-bit processor because current version of android does support 64 bit processing. So, Google must be planning to launch a newer version of Android KitKat to give support to Nexus 6’s 64 bit processor.

Expected released: 

According to Google official in an interview, Google nexus 6 would not arrive in the market before the third quarter of 2014. It is entirely possible that Nexus 6 will be releasing after the august this year.  

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