The Microsoft Corporation is planning to launch his branch new smartphone. But what its name and features, few days back nobody knows. According to the leaked reports, it is named Microsoft Cortana may be microsoft’s next. Currently in the development process it has the codename of Cortana, but it was not clear if Microsoft is interested in keeping this name or not.

Microsoft Cortana may be Microsoft’s next: details
Microsoft Cortana may be Microsoft’s next: details leaks
Microsoft Cortana Rivals:-
The Microsoft Cortana is said to be answer to Apple Siri smartphone. Microsoft’s Cortana is supposed to rival Siri as well as Google Now. According to the leaked images, the digital assistant will replace the built-in Bing search.

Microsoft Cortana Expected features:-

  • ·         A better voice commands to provide details.
  • ·         weather, your calendar entries, and navigational duties just by voice command.
  • ·         Many features of Cortana will be provided by Bing. According to the source Bing will play a big part in Cortana’s ability to learn and react to natural voice commands
  • ·         intelligently manage notifications by Window 8.1
  • ·         Can answer Skype call directly.
  • ·         replying to an SMS without opening the app
  • ·         SD card app installs
  • ·         OneDrive
  • ·         and other new features
Microsoft Cortana with Window 8.1:
Microsoft Cortana is coming with window 8.1 and with this it is different to use. Like window 8 Back button doesn’t quit an app anymore, but keeps it paused in the background. To close the app use you have to slide it off from the screen.
Leaks about Microsoft Cortana:
In an big leak user claimed to have early version of window 8.1 and though that we came to know about many fun features. Thanks to that user for this valuable info through it was revealed apps can be installed on an SD card, rather than side-loaded to the phone itself, a new Music app would be included, and SkyDrive had been rebranded OneDrive. Althoug One Drive is official announcement.

Microsoft Cortana Expected release:

This Microsoft’s new smartphone Cortana is likely to be release in the April this year in UK and US .

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