I guess all of you remember LG Lucid 2. If you didn’t, it is the smartphone released about one year ago. Under the same brand name LG is planning to launch his new Lucid version which is LG Lucid 3.
            The leaked information on the internet is revealing that LG Lucid is going to the market very soon. According to the latest leak by @evleaks the LG Lucid 3 will be launched very soon in the market.

New sporty LG Lucid 3:
 On seeing the latest leaked photo of the LG Lucid 3 you can clearly see that LG has changed his approach toward the design of the Lucid Brand. It has sporty round cornered look and capacitive buttons. The photo of the Lucid 3 has 4G LTE and Verizon etched at the back of the device. However, Lucid 3 bears a resemblance to the new F-series that LG unveiled at the recently-held Mobile World Congress.

Lots of detail is coming on the way about the New LG Lucid 3 handset. Till today just a picture of it is leaked. We will surely update you if we get some new news, update or information


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