The android platform is increasing is day by day, and hence increasing the list of android app every year. With the enormous increase of the android apps available in the market it become difficult for the android users to choose which apps are good and useful for them. So here we come with the list the Top 10 popular android apps of 2014. Though app are classified in the different categories like popular, featured, Editor’s picks, top Paid and top free categories but still it become very difficult for the user to pick one which is good and useful.

                So, to ease you we have created this list, to help you out in choosing perfect apps for your android phone and save your RAM for the better performance of your phone. We created this list because we know tough task is to choose an apps which suits perfectly to you.
1.       Kabbee
Kabbee is becoming is very popular in the London. It is the attempt to bring the local Minicab firms on your android app. It create the competition among operators. Kabbee will help you to find the cheapest available nearby operators.
2.       Facebook messenger
It is one of the useful you are a Facebook user and want to always be connected. Facebook messenger is the best app for that purpose. It will keep you always online. You just minimize this app and rest leave to the app, it will notify you when any of your friend send you any message.
3.       Dropbox
It is very essential app for the android and also in other platforms like work PC, home PC, laptop, tablets, etc. Dropbox let you access your files anywhere. Like you just clicked a photo after little bit of downloading and uploading it will be available directly available to your desktop. Dropbox automatically upload all your files to your account.
4.       WhatsApp
It is one of the most popular instant messaging app available in the android market. It sync your phone book your whatsapp account and make the list of all the friend’s contact who have WhatsApp in their phone. It come with many feature like video and image sending and SMS with no word length limitation. As is Whatsapp is now owned by the Facebook, so it will be surely going to be a most popular instant messaging app available.
5.       Speedtest
This app regularly tells you how fast your internet connection is at any moment. It will tell you unlimited broadband up/down speed test.
6.       Carbon
It is the best third party app to the Twitter user. But is if the twitter app is available in the market then why to use the Carbon. If you use the twitter app you will find that the twitter app is little difficult to use. So it best to uninstall your Twitter app and install Carbon which is recently updated to 2.0 having better experience with new gesture input, more shortcuts and handy widgets.
7.       BBC Weather
BBC Weather is the free app of BBC which is launched in 2013 and provides a great information with variety of stylish widgets, long range forecasts. It also have location aware setting and support for multiple location. So find where it will going to rain before visiting any location.
8.       DashClock widget
This is an advanced utility app for android phones. With the help of this app you can store icons of many utilities like torch button, message box or weather, etc. in the home screen and can use these type of utilities by single touch in a home screen. Thus DashClock widget provides a convenient experience in using android phones.
9.       Instagram
This is the app which is now used by everyone these days. The Instagram Android app is live now. With Instagram with take a picture and edit it with some good fashionable effects
10.   Paper Camera
It’s a new app in the android market. It replace you normal camera app with its hand drawn looking appearance. It have lots of live filters that can give photos a line drawn or painted appearance. 
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