According to the record a new bug has been found on the internet which can hack your password and your important data online. The bug said to be working on data encryption technology had made many website vulnerable to attack or hack and are not safe to use.

How to protect your password from “Heartbleed bug”?


Heartbleed bug: how to protect your password from this
Heartbleed bug: how to protect your password from this bug

Do not login from affected website:                                                                                                                               

Be sure that the website you are using or on which you have our account is not infected by this bug. In the starting almost all the website is affected from it, but now companies and website found the way to protect themselves from this bug. Reach out their customer service to found out whether they fix this problem or not. You can check sites on an individual basis here, though caution is still advised even if the site gives you an “all clear” indication. If you’re given a red flag, avoid the site for now.

Keep track of your financial statement:

To be sure that you are not affected by this bug, you should keep a track a track of your account balance. See if there is any unnecessary deduction in your account.
Change some of your sensitive password:
If may have some very important password like net banking, etc. , it is advisable to change them. Also get a confirmation of the change in your email address. It will keep you safe if your password has been hacked.

Yahoo most vulnerable:

From the early report we came to know that “Yahoo” is most vulnerable to this bug. If the lot of testing it is found that website like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are safe from this attack. The person from the Yahoo says that they are still working to solve this problem and will be sort out very soon.

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