Now  using fingerprint  access your Paypal Account  with Samsung galaxy S5

Now login to PayPal account is safer, now you can login to the PayPal just by using your Fingerprint. This is a new cool feature added by PayPal. Simply using fingerprint is safer than using traditional text password method which have risk of being easily tracked.

Login to PayPal using fingerprint with Samsung Galaxy
Login to PayPal using fingerprint with Samsung Galaxy S5

Now customers of 25 countries will be able to enjoy using their Fingerprint for login. But question is now will you scan your Fingerprint? For this you have to buy Brand new Samsung latest smartphone, Galaxy S5 because only that handset’s Fingerprint scanner is now currently integrated with the PayPal login system.

Though Samsung is still now ahead from the Apple in the fingerprint market. Although Apple’s Touch ID system launched on the iPhone 5s back in September, its current capabilities are limited to unlocking iPhones and verifying iTunes and App Store purchases, so is seem to be a nice step forward by the Samsung in fingerprint technology.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is officially launched around the world, so PayPal’s system is live now. The company has also launched apps for Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches that will enable owners to check their balance and to view location-specific offers.

Surely this is a nice step toward the glowing future technology which will one day beat all the traditional methods. Samsung may not have beaten Apple to market with its fingerprint-scanning technology, but by opening that technology up to other companies for integration with their services, the company really could be on the verge of making biometric identification mainstream.

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