Almost half the year is already pass away; you all should be wondering where the List of Top Ten Smartphones is this year? So here we are to help you out with this list of top ten smartphones of 2014.

1.HTC ONE (M8)

This year HTC is leading the smartphone market. With his all the quality smartphones, HTC is on number one with his HTC ONE (M8) on the number one spot among all the other competitors.  

2.iPhone 5s

Apple every year leads the smartphone market but this year he has to satisfy with the second position. With his iPhone 5s Apple grabs the second position in the android market. Apple is known for his forward thinking and powerful performance in their smartphones which is reflected in Apple’s iPhone 5s

3.LG G2

It is a fabulous smartphone from the LG’s side. LG G2 is a great his hit in the smartphone market. With the high performance and exciting features it grabs the 3th position in our list of Top Ten Smartphone of 2014. Seeing the huge success of G2, LG decide to take G2 to whole new level and recently announces a sequel to it which is LG g3 which is planned to release in May, 20 this year.

4. Google Nexus 5

Google nexus 5 released with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat and some matching specification to its standard and now with updated Android version 4.4.15.       Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung is little low in this list but overall it is emerging as the smartphone giant worldwide. Samsung Galaxy s4 came with zero-touch technology and full HD resolution screen which looks quite exciting.

 6.Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

The only Sony smartphone giving real competition is Xperia Z1. Sony is successful in giving all the top features in his normal sized smartphone; it will be a bit challenging  

7.Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 is the second smartphone in the top ten lists. Samsung is the only one who is able to get his two smartphone in the Top Ten List of 2014. Samsung every year is getting better and better in the smartphone. The third edition of the Galaxy Note is even better creation from his list.

8.Motorola Moto G

The best creation of Motorola this year is Moto G which grabs the 8th position this year. But don’t just judge from the ranking, Motorola Moto G is one the most brilliant smartphone available in the present day market. Simply put, the Moto G is the most bang-for-your-buck smartphone on Earth

9.Oppo N1

It is just a new entry in the top ten list of the smartphones. Oppo is the company you rarely heard of in the past. But with launch of Oppo N1, Oppo is successful to create a space among top smartphone manufacturing companies in the international platform.

10.Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia from past few years is facing a little low in their market. This year Nokia have to satisfy with the 10thposition in the list. With the launch of Nokia Lumai 1020 which feature a quality camera at his range is doing quite well in the market.

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