If you have fear of downloading come harmful app in your app or you have doubt in your mind that the android app you are downloading is harmful than here is good news for you. Google recently added a new security feature to the Android OS. If you using Android 2.3 or later then you can enjoy this new security feature.So let know New android with new security features
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New android with new security features

Google recently added a security feature which regularly scan all your app for harmful functionality while they are downloaded or installed in your device. When you will install any app Google will regularly monitor the activity the activity of your app in future. This is done to make sure that the user is protected from the harmful apps whether they are been downloaded from Google Play or any outside source.
According to Ludwig, Android’s new app scanning feature is meant only to catch “harmful” software, meaning that Virus Shield, or any other app that claims to offer a service but instead does nothing, will not trip a warning upon installation.

Google Play does not require and verification for the hosting of any app, so the chance of hosting any harmful app increase, to solve this type of problem Google launches this security feature for Android.

How this security feature work?

You have to do nothing especial in this, just install any app and rest the work is of Google Android. If an app is believe to be malicious then Android will block the installation and give you the warning about it and also you can easily deactivate the service you want.

How to grab this feature?

This security feature will come as an update of Google Play android app. All the devices running on android 2.3 or later can easily enjoy this security feature. So if you haven’t update your Google Play android app yet, then just do it and get protected from harmful apps.

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