Wearable gadget market is really increasing day by day and the competition to release their brand of wearable gadgets in increasing month by month. In this approach LG finally confirm the launch of his wearable watches in the market and will be expected to release on June 25th this year. After the announcement of the two wearable watches last year, the French arm finally confirm the launch of the G Watch on June 25th. According to our trusted source LG G Watch is releasing very soon

LG G Watch @technofia.com
LG G Watch 

Currently on June 25th the G Watch is releasing in the France but it make pretty clear that their intension is clear it to release it worldwide very soon. The indication are very good that it will release in UK very soon.

Why G Watch is different from others?

Previously Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Gear 2 is released and they are doing very going in the market. But G Watch will be first of its kind because it will the first watch which will have an android operating system. This android OS will be Google’s Android Wear OS specially design for the watches or small devices.

G Watch price:

According to French site Les Numeriques, the LG G Watch will sell for €199 (£164). You will expect the international price according to it.

Who is next in line up?

Other companies are also ready to launch their Wearable devices in the market. In the line up there is Motorola’ MOTO 360. Moto 360 was unveiled at the Android Wear announcement this year which we found were impressive in first look than the LG’s. Moto 360’s looks very stylish in compare to the LG’s more traditional smartwatches.

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