Technology has changed the human living style, although technology is developing more day by day.Do you know the radiation which is coming from your phone is harmful for you’r health it can suffer you from brain tumer & now a days many peoples of the world is been addicted to online gaming and chating for a long time with friends do you know it can increased the rates of neuroma and glomia like health problem and it can be a major spinal cord problem.But there are few solution that can be very helpful to you’r body and mindset.

Firstly know about how technology harms you:-

Communication connection between two mobile: When the caller start the call the electromagnetic field transmit from his mobile antena which received by the closest base station ‘BS’.Then the signal transmit from the BS to the switching center ‘SC’ in order to check the authentication of the caller and receiver.After the SC will transmit the signal to the closest BS in the receiver side.Next the BS is going to transmit electromagnetic wave which should be received be the receiver be the receiver mobile antena.Finally after the  receiver open the line the two way communication connection establish b/w.

How the radiation is produced by a cell phone and how it can be protected: 
Cell phone radiation is transmitted by cell phone antena in all directions.Most of the energy lost in the space.Part of the energy received by base station.Part of the energy is incident on human head.

How it can be protected :

1.use headphone.
2.By covering large areas of the phone with your hand, reduce its ability to send and receive signals. The phone increases its power and transmits stronger radiation to compensate this. So hold the phone as far down as possible, so it can at low power.
3.Use anti-radiation magnet closure only for i-phone you can know about Magnet closure in our next post.


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