Microsoft anniversary creators update is now available in your windows update their are lots of interesting features with great reliability functions with new gaming improvements.Microsoft also said that there are over 400+ millions of active windows 10 users in the world. In my review it will be a nice with great function.Microsoft windows 10 anniversary creators update.


1. Microsoft is finally announced the new update, it will be rolling out global from April 11.

2.The looks of the web browser will change and the update will give better gaming experience. And the tab management in Microsoft edge is much easier to create the visibility of thumbnails of the open tabs and the share tabs. 

3.The update also improves the beam broadcasting technology. It helps you to broadcast game play of windows 10 and x-box one.

4.The Microsoft company has also said that windows 10 is running more than 400 million monthly active devices around the world.


1.The importance of this anniversary creators update the tab management features to design to eliminate the features designed to eliminate the clutter of the web of fear of losing tab.

2.And now the web browsing become simpler and easier to use. The game play is now more good and featured with x-box game play.


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