Do you know this company is giving a new phone if you’r phone is broken. 


Now you don’t have to take tension about you’r mobile phone.If you’r phone is broken then you will get new phone.If your phone us damage then you will get free repair.If you’r phone is stolen this company will give you new phone it is very interesting right when i know about this first time i thought it is fake but it is true.
There is now one new company in the market.

After seing the report English website android authority ‘T-MOBILE COMPANY’ once again will rock in the market. In the report it is written that ‘T-MOBILE’ will launch their phone again in the market in which their will be life time warranty and will get insurance.

And if you have any T-MOBILE phone and you have broken it.And this company will not ask you any questions, silently they will give you new phone.

In many reports we have seen that the smart phone prices is nearby 600 dollar means in India it will be 38,565 Rs or more.But this is not sure when the phone will launch in the market.


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