Do you know that Google Dashboard is the only one app that collect you’r location & data.

Do you Know that if you are using a smart phone then you have to sign in with gmail.And if you don’t have a gmail id yet please go and make one it is so simple because this gmail can help you many ways.But today i will tell you the most important and helpful thing of having a g-mail id. 

  • If you’r phone is lost what to do:

  • You should have internet connection, you’r location should be turned on and you should keep sync you’r account everyday.

First step: First sign in with your gmail account and go to manage and active device there will be three option.

1.Find you’r lost device
2.Lock you’r device 
3.Factory reset

Second step:Click to locate you’r device if you think that you’r Internet & Location is on.

Third step:If you want to lock you’r device you can do it by following steps.

Fourth step:If you forgot you’r phone keeping in some place you can ring you’r phone loudly.


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