Its been a while since we seen a massive update by Supercell in Clash of Clans. Last time they came with some awesome update and features which include reduce in troops training time which was pretty cool.

But this time its looks like Supercell is planning something even better and its look massive. Many of these updates seem to be inspired from Clash Royale. This Clash of Clans update is expected to release on 22 May, 2017.  So lets see whats coming next:

Clash of clans massive update list:

1. New Boat: It leads you to a New Island! There you can battle clashers in the colosseum. You can do 1 vs 1 battles and your clan cam participate in clan tournaments against others clans!

2. The boat will also give you a daily reward of resources and games. Players can choose only 1 resource. The rewards scale up as you move up the Town halls.

3. Night mode: Finally after so many forum requests, they are finally adding Night Mode. 

4. Clan Perks for clans lvl- 11-15 added including a NEW Perk which allows you to increase your clan’s capacity! (More member)

5.You can now donate resources from Treasury to your clan mates (not from your own storage), however there are limits.

6. 50 New single player mission added. There are a lot of resources up for the grabs including Dark elixir and the X-bow, Inferno Towers and Eagle artilery are also included!

7. A new sleep button added for the clan castle troops. You can choose if you want your troops to defend or not, however if the clan castle is destroyed, your troops will die.

8. 6th builder ADDED! It’s available at TH-10 and above it cost 5000 gems.

9. A Friendly Challenge can now be sent directly to the friends you choose.

10. You can now choose the names for your heroes, this however won’t affect their stats.

11. New community requested national flags added.

12. Witch has slightly increased damage and her training cost has been decreased by 50 dark elixir for all levels.

13. Goblins won’t have the clan castle as their primary target.

14. Village size has been increased and you can now view your village from 0 to 180 degrees.

15. Clan war matchmaking has been improved.

Now you know why we say its Clash of Clans Massive update – 2017. These update will make game more interesting. So, stay tuned for any further update.

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