Largest Ransomware Attacksamsung Z4, Microsoft,AI= Good Governance,Intel samsung against qualcomm, NASA moon mission.

This is the largest ransomware attack there are 99 countries in the target. This can also target you’r computer or leptop. In which you’r all files will be locked and they will request you to pay to unlock you’r files.
To secure this type of Ransomware attacks:
1-Only visit trusted websites.
2-Always use network security Antivirus.
3-Do not download any software or any type of file,email attachment from unsecured websites.

Also know more about-

Samsung Z4 This phone will be launched soon in India.This is a basic type of phone, with a basic hardware.But why samsung is doing so hard work in this samsung tizen Z1, Z2, Z3. This phone price will be under 4000-5000.    

AI = Good Governance: After developing artificial intelligence governance it will improve a lot because the governance will know about the data and how to analyze it.And after developing AI all the action will improve.

Intel Samsung Basically intel and samsung made their team and putted their vote for the favor of FTC. Qualcomm is in danger because  Apple also sues qualcomm for some patents issue. Qualcomm which shows their  monopoly and samsung is also a customer of qualcomm and if we see it is also a rival of qualcomm because samsung develop Exynos after that Intel is also a rival of qualcomm.

NASA plans 1 year mission in the year of 2027 in which they will travel to the moon and till 2030 humans go to mars.

Let’s see who will go the mars first.


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