10 things you should never do on Android Phone

There are many android users who complete many works by their android phones. So here are 10 things you should never do on android phone to keep it free from risk of virus, malware and other damages.

1. Installing apps from unknown sources:

You buy a new phone and you need apps, then don’t google search for any apps from unwanted sites and installed in you’r phone. That can be harmful virus and it can be harmful and can monitor you’r data of you’r phone, and it can breach your privacy. Always directly go to Google Play Store and download apps from there.

2. Killing apps from recent apps menu:
Many people clear their recent apps and they think that they are clearing their ram from their phone and the phone will become speedy. Do you know that android phones are called smart phones because they are so smart if you’r ram is full they only clear space from their own. If you clear recent apps again and again and start that apps again it harms your processor and battery, because apps starts again and again.

3. Using an antivirus software:

Many android users think that you need antivirus for you’r phone but you don’t know that if you are using trusted websites you do not need antivirus for you’r phone. If you are using antivirus for laptop or computer that’s ok but if you are downloading apps from google play or downloading content from trusted websites you do not need antivirus for you’r phone.
4. Using battery savers:
We need battery from day to night we think that battery saver save our battery but we don’t know that battery saver harm our phones because it closes our backgrounds apps and it put pressure in our processor and our battery and off our unused apps, GPS, that you can also do that by you’r own.There is no use of battery saver for that. It only harm our phone in the name of saving our battery.

5. Installing fake apps:

Fake apps means in android phone they want to play Gta-V if we search in you tube How to download Gta-V for android there are lots of video you can get to see about that.If we see there are no genuine work of that app if we see in google play there are no apps like Gta-V.
And if we search and download one of them which is fake one it can harm you’r phone badly with malware and and ads or pop-ups.
There are lot’s of apps that are hardware dependent that can make you’r phone slow and it has many ads and pop-ups that can disturb you a lot.

6. Clearing cache memory:

We think that we should have sufficient memory in our phone and that’s why we download cleaner for our phone to boost our memory and clean it. No need of using this kind of app because if we clear cache from our game or browse it re-download again and again as it is an important part of it. You can clean your space for few minutes but you re open game or browser it will download again. Because we are using some browser the files and sites that we opened that things are kept in that cache if we delete that cache file it became again, and there are many files that are stored in cache files because it helps to slow the pressure of processor and battery.

7. Trusting fake message:

In whats app we can see there are lot’s of message that there are written that if you download this app you will receive 20 rs in you’r n.o.All are fake websites like whats app gold many pirated sites.
That can harm you’r phone.

8. Rooting without knowing:

If we can see that there are lot’s of people who are interested to root their phone. If you know what is rooting and you are rooting that’s good but you don’t know what is rooting but rooting is cool please do n’t do that be sure about that thing them only because it can damage you’r software.

9. Ignoring apps permissions:

In android latest version you can see that if you install any application and open it and some permission like location, camera, contacts some peoples ignore doing that thing.
If you are using whats app and sending a voice message the whats app will request to enable the microphone for that because microphone needs to record you’r voice.
And you can manage this things from you’r settings.
But if you are using a torch app and that need GPS permission denied this type of permission you see that the permission is needed for that app or not, because you’r data can be leaked or many other things.

10. Not restarting you’r phone:

Mobile is made only for that we can you use that thing for a long period time but for a healthy start we should restart our phone occasionally because data also build up in our phone. For a fresh start we should restart our phone in b/w 5-10 days for one time.All the apps will load again and the phone pressure will be down and it will be fresh.

These are the 10 Things you should never do on Android phone. One should take these small precaution to keep once android phone healthy and long lasting.



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