WiFi Hacking | Loop holes in WPS System Explained.

Friends most of you may have come across password protected wifi networks which are iresistable but the problem is that how to hack wifi, and many have also came across how to do it from phone or leptop,and how to secure you’r Wifi networks.
Today,we will learn how secure and how to hack wifi and what are the weakness  of WPS, if we want secure our networks then why should we kick WPS system.

After choosing the security method we have to choose a strong password which should have letters, special character and number mixed my recommendation  is that you should have minimum 10-12 digit password numbers, letter (small,capital) and special character mixed.
When we setup WiFi networks what we are actually doing, firstly we login to admin panel  then we on our WiFi and we choose one security method like (WEP, WPA, WPA 2, WPA AES, WPA2-PSK) WPA2-PSK which is latest version to secure wifi networks.
After setting the password and with a very hi tech security and you’r WiFi router is on .After that you are in doubt that you’r neighbors will hack you’r WiFi password.

How is it possible?

The real culprit here is WPS now try and think that when you have set the security password and after that if you have to connect a WiFi device what you will do?
You will first switch on the WiFi.The name of your WiFi network will appear then you will click on it  and then you will enter your password and the device will be finally connected to WiFi network.
Now you can connect your smart phone, leptops & computers and other devices in similar manners and everything is working perfectly.But imagine that you have 10 guest at your home now the problem is telling those guest that 14 or 15 digit complex password it is more difficult to remember it.
Even after telling the password it is difficult for your friends to enter all the digit.So in this case it would be much better if we had another way to connect those devices without entering the password this is a reason we had started the WPS system otherwise WiFi Protected Setup.Now we have an option to use this WPS system or a PIN.The WPS button is easily visible on your router this button is used to connect any device to the router without entering the password within a limited period of time this is a one key connection method which is very easy and many people use it.The other way is to use a pin which is written on a sticker which is present on every router and if you give that 8 letter pin to your guest then he can directly connect to your WiFi system.
The real problem here is that your router may have WPS system inbuilt and it can be very easily exploited.The 8 digit pin actually has 7 digits and a check digit and this digit is accepted by the router in two steps.If you enter the first 4 digit correctly then you can proceed to the next 4 digits.You think that this security can not stand against password.

If we put BRUTE FORCE ALGORITHM Reaver is Simple Tool(000-999) on of these combination will work and we only need 10000 attempts to hack 4 digit password.And for 3 digit we need only 1000 attempts maximum we need 11000 attempts and we will connect to our neighbors WiFi by using pin based mechanism.
Except that if any person which has excess physically to the router if you kept your router under your self or anywhere if he click the WPS button and connect with the phone it will also connect.This WPS system  is made for our comfort but it hinders the privacy or security of the WiFi network.

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