Blue Whale-The Killer Game-Stay Away!!!

Now a days many users play games in android phone and in computers, but do you know the name about this Blue whale which can take you’r life.
Friends we take internet very lightly in our day to day life what is in internet Facebook, Whats app, You tube the end nothing is there.
But many of you don’t know about dark web there are many illegal work in internet.

Now a days you have heard about the game named called Blue Whale which is famous between teenagers.It is also named as The Blue Whale , The secret house or Wake up at 4:20 Am this is one of the those types of games which you will not get in any app store or play store you have join to different types of online groups,you can find any link from different websites.Basically if this types of game you play in you’r phone it would be harmful to you in Russia 130+ has attempted while playing this game.
Because there are different types of challenges in this game and the last final step you have to do suicide.
Game is about firstly you will get challenges slowly slowly which give us energy in the body to complete the challenge .The teenagers who are not aware they are in target during playing this game.
The basic challenge is firstly you have to watch a type of horror movie then you have to post your photo in the game.The administrator which control the game they provide you daily challenge there are some akward types of challenge you have to do it.
In starting tenager think that there are basic types of challenges after that there are some dangerous challenges like you have to draw a whale using blade in your hand the final challenge is which come after playing the game for 49 days, next day you will get the final challenge in which you have to suicide.
This is not a joke this a fact this game target the users who are emotionally or mentally broken after using this this game they attempt suicide.
If you are parent please care of your child and if you are a youngster please keep a long distance using this type of game.

1.Police arrested the owner of this, he said that he want to clean the biological waste.

2.If you are parent care your child and if your are a youngster or teenager be aware nothing is more precious then your life.

3.And if you started playing this game you can’t quit, the administrator say that we have all your information about you and we will harm your family this is kind of fake things don’t care this thing they are putting a kind of fear in our heart to play this game.

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What Is Dark Web?

It is completely illegal don’t use Dark Web never ever in life.In dark web you can do anything like drugs trading, arms trading.Dark Web is a black dot of internet, where you can do anything  from any place if you want to use Dark Web you will not get in any  normal google search you need a special browser to use Dark web named TOR crowser. After using TOR crowser then only you can acces to Dark Web please don’t use it is fully illegal and you can find all types of black market in Dark web.  



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