NASA never told that they have 91GB / s internet speed, in the end of 2013 NASA has successfully completed their experiment in which they have transferred data in the speed of 91 GB / s.I mind you that this is not a normal internet which you basically use in your home, it doesn’t mean that you go to NASA and use their computer and download something you will get 91 GB / s.

This is type of internal network which is named as ES Net Energy science Network.This is type of network in which NASA takes in their work to connect with different types of research network, in this the researcher can connect from different places many times scientific data’s are very big to transfer this types of files in high speed.This is a close network not a worldwide web were you will open Facebook, You tube, or downloading stuff.
This was only a research in 2013 in which NASA has reached 91 GB / s speed between two points, and many scientist has also reached 1 TB / s speed practically.It doesn’t mean that they have 1 TB / s speed it tells that they have connected with two points in the speed of 1 TB / s.
Take a example that we have a connection of 100 Mb / s
one website which has a poor hosting, if we are having a 100 Mb / s connection then also a website is opening slow that doesn’t means your connection is poor this means that the website is hosted with a poor hosting.In this we should also see that the speed that we have, we are using it perfectly or not.If you have a 50 Mb / s connection and you are watching videos in You tube in 4 k that means we can’t hit 50 Mb / s threshold.

Guy’s that was only an experiment in which NASA connected two points in the speed of 91 GB / s. 


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