Low-Ram smart phones will come in Android GO, Know about the features.


Its light version Android Go also launches with Android O in Google Developer Conference I / O, organized in California. However, both are same, but Android will work in Go Low-End Smart phones.

We are telling you what the features of Android Go are.

Google says that Android Go has focused on three things. Android Go is light weight software that has been developed to work with smart phones which are 1GB memory or less.
Google has also introduced the Quick Settings feature to balance the data in devices running on Android Go, so that users will be able to see how much data is being spent on data. Also, the apps like Data Saving feature chrome will also be a Pre-active.
In addition to the Android Go operating system (OS) you will get the lighter version of Google Play Store, and some Lite version apps will already be present. One of which includes YouTube Go. Say that any video can be previewed on the offline mode in the YouTube go-off.
Low-end apps will be highlighted in the Play Store of Android Go (less data spending apps). There will be both Face book and Face book Lite, out of which ‘Face book Light’ will be highlighted. This will allow the user to know which application memory, storage space will consume less and mobile data will cost less.


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