Money will be sent soon with the help of Google Assistant.

American multinational technology company Google has announced in IO that the company is working on payment APIs such as PayPal for desktop and mobile. This will be different from the limited Android Pay per Android device. Google’s new user will allow an app and website to use store payment details in a Google Account. The funny thing is that Google Assistant will work for you. Can ask someone to send money to a user assistant And the Assistant will use the API to send your stated money.
When you open the assistant UI, an assistant directory will appear in the Assistant. A new blue icon can be seen in the top left corner. Opening it, you will find applications for many categories of assistant capabilities. Directory feature is an easy way to find apps that come with assistive integration and how you can run them.

Now Google will find you a good job. Google is now launching Google for Job.

After the end of all the studies of the students, the same tension remains in the future, how about the job?
In other places, there is a job vacancy, but we are never left out because of lack of knowledge.
But now it will not be such that Google is now the world’s largest search engine, Google for jobs.
With the help of which you will find the best job you like.
Google’s CEO, Sondar Pichai, is going to include job-related search tools in Google search, focusing more on Google jobs.
Sundar Pichai talked about launching Google for Jobs in future in the IO 2017 Kant address.
Along with this, Sundar Pichai wrote in his blog post that,
Today there are a lot of changes in the world of technology.
Technology now goes beyond mobile to Artificial Intelligence.

For this reason, Face book imposes a penalty of 789 million.

The European Commission on Face book has imposed a fine of 11 million euros (789 million rupees) on Thursday (May 18th) for misinformation and misleading people during the acquisition of Whats App on Face book. In a statement, the European Competition Commission’s commissioner Margher Vestaje said, “Today’s decision is a clear message to the companies that they will take care of the European acquisition laws related to giving the right information in every way.”
Margaret said in the statement that the acquisition of the commission should give complete and accurate facts about the impact on business competitiveness. After the European Commission’s decision, Face book issued a statement saying that he had fully cooperated with the commission and the mistake of his way was not deliberate.
The statement said that when Face book informed the commission about the acquisition of Whattepe in 2014, the company had said that it is not able to provide “reliable automated matching between Face book users and Whats App users.” European Commission The investigation conducted last year revealed that Face book had misinformed and had the technical possibility of having such matches in 2014 and the possibility of Face book Staff knew about it. The commission also made it clear that despite the fine, Face book will not make any difference to the permission for the acquisition of Whats App.


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