Clans of clans legal gem hack
Clash of clans legal gem hack
Its almost 5 year since the release of Supercell’s Clash of clans, and it is still domination the strategy game market. With the release of their latest May, 2017 update, the requirement of gems, which a premium currency of Clash of Clans, increases. So here are some Clash of Clans legal gem hack for the beginners.
This is a guide which will help you to all five builder quickly even before upgrading your Town Hall to level 8. There are many ways to get gems in the game and completing achievement is the best out of all. Here we are discussing some of the achievement which gives you thousands of gems and some important hacks to complete them quickly.

Clash of Clans gems hack warning:

Clash of clans gem hack warning
Think twice before trying illegal hacks
When you search about clash of clans gem hack or clash of clans unlimited gem hack, your will get ton of related article about that. They will offer many hack claiming to give you unlimited gems. First of all hacking Clash of Clans’ server is not an easy task. Most of them are fakes, many of them are simply Phishing page to get your valuable information.
But are some by which you can get gems for a while but eventually SuperCell will block your Clash of Clans account forever. This happened to many of my gaming friend. Luckily most of them tried this with their second account. So think twice before doing some hack this to your account, it may lead to loss of your Clash of Clans village.
Completing achievement alone can get you over 13000 Gems.

Clash of clans legal gems hack: Achievements –

Achievements in Game
Completing achievement alone can get you over 13000 Gems.
   –Sweat Victory Achievement:
It is the first step toward free gems. Just win some multiplayer battle in normal base and increase your trophies to 1250. You will be awarded with total to 465 Gems.
   –Friend in need achievement:
   Donate 25000 clan castle worth troops and you will be    
awarded with total of 275 gems. Completing this achievement can take a while but there is a shortcut too. To complete this within few days just make Giants in your army camp because they are cheap and search of some request and go clan and donate your troops there. By this you can get these gems even in two days.
League All Star achievement:   

Clash of Clans champion
Become Champion

This is the best achievement you can get in COC. Just start winning battles and start increasing your trophy count. This achievement will give your total of 3250 Gems which is huge. Reach 2000 Trophies to get 250 Gems, 2600 to get 1000 gems. Last one is bit tough which is to reach 3200 trophies to get 2000. Earlier they use to be a short of this achievement also but with updates in 2016 there is no easy way to do so.
    –Other Clash of clans achievement gems:
There are many other small achievements to get good amount of gems. Reach 1000 trophies in builder base to get 100 gems, Destroy 10 inferno tower get 100 gems, earn more and more stars in Clans wars to upto 1250 gems.
All the above Clash of Clans legal gem hack is well enough to get all five builder huts before even reaching town hall 8 without even wasting a single penny. Other than achievement there are some other ways to constantly get some gems. You can check latest list of all the achievement at Clash of Clans Wikia.

Other Clash of Clans Legal gem hack:

 Clash of Clan Event:

Complete events for more gems
Complete events for more gems
With December 2016 update SuperCell introduce various events. This make getting gems even more frequent these day. Just complete the related event to get upto 30 to 100 easy gems.
    Removing obstacles:
This is method is there from the starting days of clash of clans. Just remove the trees spawn in your village daily to get a fixed amount in gems. Each obstacle that is removed will have 0-6 Gems. The distribution is not random and follows the following repeating sequence: 6, 0, 4, 5, 1, 3, 2, 0, 0, 5, 1, 0, 3, 4, 0, 0, 5, 0, 1, 0. This means on average, each obstacle cleared has 2 Gems. This does not involve the gems box. SuperCell gives you gem box twice a month which gives you 25 gems each.
Clash of clans legal gems of hack – Conclusion:
Many of your say this Clash of clan legal gem hack is not as fast method as you had expected but still this is better ways to get gems rather than going for some illegal method which have high risk of getting lifetime ban. Just save gems and get 5 builder as soon as possible. Always remember, more builder means more upgrade speed for your base.
Stay tuned for more game related updates….!!
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